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Generic Lipitor Drug is Recalled




Following the fungal meningitis outbreak rooted from a compound pharmacy, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was met with a lot of questioning surrounding why they didn’t catch the problem. As you know, Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard is representing a number of these clients. Soon after, the FDA recalled a high profile anti-depressant called Wellbutrin XL after they found that it doesn’t work like the brand drug. These are not the first instances where the FDA has faced criticism. Two years ago, they were thought to be too lenient with manufacturers, such as with the negotiated J&J phantom recall. Now, they’re facing it again, but with the United States’ most prescribed drug, a generic of the cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor.

Ranbaxy makes the generic version of Pfizer’s Lipitor drug and it’s that generic brand that’s being recalled due to glass particles that have made their way into some of the pills. As you can imagine, ingestion of these pills could cause injury or even death in some cases. If you or someone you love has the generic version of Lipitor manufactured by Ranbaxy, you may want to consider another generic brand of Lipitor or the Lipitor drug itself, as those have not been recalled. Pfizer (the manufacturer of Lipitor) has a generic drug division named Greenstone that you may feel comfortable asking for, instead. Greenstone makes a generic of Lipitor.

The Ranbaxy recall is worrisome for many, as this comes after numerous problems the manufacturer has had in the last couple years. According to Forbes.com, this includes other recalls, admissions of false testing data presented to the FDA, and other manufacturing problems. Although some major changes could be happening within the company (and should happen), this just serves as another example of how careful we must be when choosing the right medication for ourselves. Yes, it is up to our doctor to prescribe these medications, but it is up to us to choose the best brand that works for our body. Reactions to medication can vary from person to person. Some brands may work better than others for you.

Like anything else, it is important that you do research of your own too. This is vital in every step of the medical process, from choosing a doctor to taking medication. A search online could find the problems that Ranbaxy has continuously had in the past couple years. Although this is not a guarantee that those problems will continue, it is something to consider. If you or someone you know has found themselves victim to this dangerous generic Lipitor drug recall, contact us today. We are committed to ensuring a safer and better pharmaceutical market and will fight to hold the proper people accountable for their wrongdoings.