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The Dark Side of Concerts




While concerts can be a great time for music fans, music festivals can also be a dangerous place.

FoxNews.com recently reported that, according to experts, rape and sexual assaults are on the rise at concerts. The increase is the product of negligent security, drugs and alcohol.

FoxNews.com describes several incidents, including:

  • The recent arrest of a 25-year-old man charged with sexual battery based on allegations that he persistently groped a female at a Beyoncé/Jay-Z concert in California.
  • The arrest of a man earlier this summer in Boston for allegedly raping a 17-year-old girl at a Keith Urban concert on the venue’s lawn
  • An investigation last year by Philadelphia police of two alleged sexual assaults at the “Made in America” festival.

While it can be difficult to prove the number of sexual assaults at concerts, officials claim that it is likely that many more assaults occur than what we hear about on the news.

Proving sexual assaults can raise questions, especially when events are under-staffed and by under-qualified security personnel. According to Paul Wertheimer of Crowd Management Strategies, this is a cost-cutting trend that impacts public safety and, often, women.

While some large-scale promoters employ security for big events that are trained police officers, that isn’t the norm. One source in the Fox report says that promoters do the math and weigh their liability against revenue. Smaller promoters often don’t have the money to pay for skilled security professionals, the source added.

Security should be a top concern for concert venues and promoters when it comes to planning an event. All property owners must maintain a reasonably safe environment for concertgoers. If a concert venue is aware of the lack of security and that lack of security contributes to one’s injury, it may serve as the basis for a premise liability lawsuit.

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