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Ikea to pay $50M to families of toddlers killed by dressers




CHICAGO (Salvi Law) – Ikea, the world’s largest furniture seller, has agreed to pay $50 million to the families of three toddlers who were killed when dressers made by the company toppled onto them.

The money will be split evenly between the families of the three young boys who were killed, all of whom were no more than 2 years old.

According to a report from CNN Money, the settlement was reached after a two-day hearing. In addition to the settlement, Ikea will donate $50,000 to three children’s hospitals and $100,000 to a child safety charity.

The young children were all killed by the company’s Malm dressers, a popular assemble-it-yourself chest made of particleboard and fiberboard. Ikea launched a repair program for the product after two toddlers were killed in July 2015 and recalled the dressers after the third death in June of 2016.

Three other deaths linked to different Ikea dressers have occurred since 1989.

Companies have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure that the products they make will not harm the people who use or purchase them. Faulty products can cause thousands of disabling injuries each year.

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