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Jeff Kroll

Where I’m happiest and most comfortable is in the courtroom. Hi, I’m Jeff Kroll. I am a partner here at Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard. I wasn’t “born” to be a lawyer or thought I was going to be a lawyer my whole life. You know, where I grew up we were afraid of the law. There were no lawyers where I lived in the south side of the city. I wanted to be a pro athlete. Things didn’t work out for me, but what did happen for me where I was fortunate in playing competitive high school and college sports was I had a love of competition. And I took a course, a business law course in college, and fell in love with the law.

I’ve got one of the few professions where I’m actually for individuals and helping them in some of their darkest times. I think the best part of my job is trying cases. It really is…it takes up a lot of time but when you know you’re helping someone or you’re going against a corporation, going against a hospital, going against a large trucking company and it’s you versus them, I like this underdog role, the David versus Goliath. I embrace it. When those 12 sets of eyes are on you, to me that is the ultimate rush. It’s the ultimate competition. No day is the same. I’m learning all about medicine, I’m learning about engineering, I’m learning about truck safety so each day is a learning day for me.

I love being a lawyer. I really do. I love giving back. I’ve had some great mentors throughout my career. I’ve had opportunities to grow. I took advantage of those opportunities I really believe. I keep mentioning giving back but I love to give back. I give a lot of speeches. I write. Got the opportunity of working with some very bright people on a daily basis, working on some of the biggest cases and helping others, which is what it’s all about.