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I was 17 when I was hit by a distracted driver. I am now 20 and have a decent life ahead of me thanks to Patrick Salvi Jr.

I couldn’t walk, I had tons of emotional problems and I couldn’t remember yesterday from tomorrow. Honestly, I had never been presented with a situation to use an attorney. I was a little afraid of how life would be for me afterwards… But I have a house, I have a car, I have managed to knock a few things off my bucket list thanks to Pat Salvi. And some of those fears have gone away, I am able to move forward and continue on with my life just because of that little push he was able to give… I am walking; he was able to help pay those bills.

He stayed in touch on my case. It was easy to trust him because he lead with trust. He is actually a really nice guy…. He is willing to try and work for your benefit. Without a doubt in my mind I would definitely recommend him.

If you are stuck with those problems by yourself, chances are you are not going to get far, but with an attorney like Salvi, you can keep on going the way you need to and maybe get a little jump ahead. I trust him with any case I would have. I feel like if I can trust him, others can as well.

When Elijah died on August 1, 2012, we knew something had gone terribly wrong. (We were referred) to David Pritchard. David was very supportive. We found him to be very kind, intelligent, honest and direct. We have appreciated that about each of the attorneys and staff members we were in contact with at your firm through 2015 when our case was settled.

The attorney we probably worked most closely with was Aaron Boeder. He encouraged us to follow the right paths, gather proper information as needed and trust in the process. We also found him to be very honest, direct, intelligent and kind. He paid attention to all the details that would help support our case. We were grateful to see he had an excellent balance of knowledge and skill when working with the other side as well.

David, Patrick Salvi II, and Aaron were with us on the day we met regarding the settlement. We both sat amazed as we watched the settlement talks that day. We greatly appreciated the depth of knowledge, the wealth of experience, and the fact that this was the team fighting for our son. We were, and are, certain we chose the perfect firm to handle our case and are very grateful for all the assistance and support we received through a very difficult time. No amount of money could bring our son back to us…. The financial settlement has helped us to adopt another child, again, not that our son could ever be replaced.

For helping all of that happen, we thank each member of your legal firm. We know all the behind the scenes people worked hard, and are grateful to them.

Our 21-year-old son who stilled lived at home was killed by a drunk driver in November of 2012. In late December, another attorney we knew recommended we contact a personal injury lawyer to see what our rights were and file a wrongful death suite. I met with Patrick Salvi Sr., and right away I could see the compassion and care he had for what we were going through. No parent should ever bury their child. He told us all our options and that they would do everything they could to help us. We looked over all the papers and after a few days, I called Mr. Salvi and told him we would like to retain their firm to represent us.

Patrick Salvi II took over our case, and again after meeting with him I could see how much he really cared and wanted to help us. Our case was a bit different because our civil case against the drunk driver that killed our son could not move forward until the criminal case was completed. It took over two years to see justice served in the criminal case. During those two years I had to go to status hearings every month for the criminal case and several times someone for the firm would go to court with me for support and so I would not be alone.
Finally, we were ready to move forward with the civil case. Patrick Salvi II and his team did an outstanding job of keeping us informed and moving things along. Through the whole process, Patrick kept in touch and was always there for myself and my family if we had any questions and took all the time he needed to with us. I never felt we were just a number to him, but I felt he really cared and our case was a priority to him.

If you are looking for a law firm that truly cares and is not just interested in the money, but wants to bring peace and closure to you and what you are going through and will be honest and give you the best advice, even if it is not what you want to hear but it is best for you, then Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard is the firm you need. I hope nothing happens where I would need them again, but if it does, I know right where I would go.

Nikole was always very prompt on keeping me informed about my case. I liked that she always did her best to make sure that I was taken care of . Once I hired her, she took the case on and did a wonderful job at getting the job done with my best interest at heart. And I am very greatful that the case settled as quickly as it did. She is a wonderful Lawyer!

This was my first time using a lawyer for my accident so I was very nervous. Elizabeth made the process easy and answered every question without hesitation. I would definitely recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is unsure about their case or just want a good trusted lawyer.

I would recommend Attorney Matthew Williams very highly. He took my case when other law firms said that I did not have a case. He was trustworthy and caring and I knew that I had an advocate every step of the way. He was very knowledgeable and kept my wife and I informed throughout the process. We won and he helped me to negotiate the greatest award possible. We are very satisfied. – Tony

“Jennifer Ashley is the best professional I have ever worked with. Her successful experience and personal and professional dedication are second to none. I am obligated to immediately refer Jennifer to every acquaintance and dear friend and family member for her outstanding representation.”

“Jeffrey J. Kroll may be the leader of the next generation of Plaintiffs’ attorneys in the Chicago area.”- The National Law Journal

“Mr. Williams was excellent. He thoroughly researched my case and explained everything to me step by step. As I did not know what to expect, he made me feel comfortable by answering all my questions and guiding me through the legal process. My case proceeded quickly and the decision was favorable. I learned a lot about our justice system and, thanks to Mr. Williams, everything turned our very well.”- Cecelia St. M.

“Pat Salvi is an excellent P.I. attorney.  I hired him in 2010 after my husband died and he worked diligently on my case for the next 4 years. I appreciated his knowledgeable and honest opinions. I felt he really cared about me and my family and that meant a lot to me. When you are going through a traumatic experience it’s important to trust your lawyer. Pat Salvi is someone you can trust 100%. His entire team is made up of very caring and competent individuals. I highly recommend Pat if you need a private injury lawyer. He’s very knowledgeable and honest! He cares about his clients.

Reggie T.

“The firm was a pleasure to work with. I appreciate her always getting back to me right away, and for her efforts in helping me in every way she could. Thank you so much!”

“Beth is an extremely talented, attentive and hard-working attorney. Her knowledge and tenacity make her a real asset and I could not recommend her more highly!”

“Aaron was extremely friendly and was easily accessible by phone, text and email. His constant communication and quick response time made my personal injury case stress free! I would highly recommend Aaron.”


“My experience with Jennifer Ashley as my attorney was a great one. She was always there for me when I had questions, and she never made me feel stupid like I should already know the answer. She was even responding to my emails late at night and on weekends, which I totally didn’t expect her to do. My case went very smoothly and it was a great feeling knowing I was being “taken care of”!


“After a head-on automobile accident put my life at risk and left me not knowing what was in store for my future in all regards, Jeff took me under his wing and made me feel safe and protected from the start. One very important point that stands out is that he made me feel as if I were his only client throughout the two-year process. He got to know me and my family personally and wanted to know not only every painstaking detail of my accident, but my life before the accident and how my life was affected afterward. I cannot state deeply enough the way in which he took such a traumatic experience and made us feel cared for, comforted and reassured.”


“Superb! From Patrick to his assistant to the receptionist, everyone was professional and helpful and immediately responded to inquiries.”

“Patrick II was caring, sympathetic, and always took the time to answer my mother’s questions and to thoroughly explain the legal process to her. Patrick made my mother feel like his most important client every time he talked with her. My mother enjoyed Patrick II so much that I am afraid she will be calling to check in on him ‘just because.'”

“Outstanding, Pat and his staff did an excellent job of representing our interests in a personal injury case. He exceeded the expected results. He was at all times focused on getting the best result. I would recommend him to anyone.”

“The firm quickly became a saving grace to our family during the weeks following our 7yr. old daughter’s death. He really held our hands to give us the strength and the knowledge to get the most positive final results in the most timely fashion.”

“Tara was fabulous to work with. Thanks to her we have closure on our case and are very satisfied with the results. If ever given the opportunity, I would definitely recommend this office.”

“My family really appreciated the work that Pat Salvi and Patrick Salvi II did for us. They kept us posted on the case from beginning to end. Thank you for all the hard work you have done for us. The staff was excellent; when I called they would always check for the person I called for and if they weren’t in, I would leave a voice message on the phone and my call was always returned.”

“Patrick Salvi is an amazing attorney. Words cannot express how grateful I am for all that he did for me. I wouldn’t change a thing; my entire experience with the firm was excellent.”

“Everyone in the office was caring; they made you feel part of an extended family during a very difficult time in our lives. Patrick A. Salvi in particular was meticulous during the litigation process, which produced an outcome that exceeded our expectations. To this day, ten years later, we keep in touch with those who worked so hard on our trial. It’s a great law firm.”

“As a parent, your worst nightmare is watching your child suffer. After our family doctor failed to accurately diagnose our daughter’s medical condition, she developed irreversible brain damage. We were confused, scared and angry. How could something like this occur? Fortunately, we were referred to David J. Pritchard at Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C., who was there to answer our questions and stand by us at this terrible time. His caring manner, knowledge of medicine, and legal experience not only led to a substantial settlement – allowing us to provide our daughter with exceptional medical care for the rest of her life – but helped give us the strength and confidence to put our lives back together as a family.”

“My family and I wanted to thank you again for everything you have done for us in the past 3 ½ years. At a very traumatic time you were there to fight for and look out for my best interests and those of my family. We would not have been able to come to this resolution without all of your hard work and support.”

“Your professionalism and expertise calmed my considerable distress as I had never experienced anything similar to this unfortunate incident and I really did not know what to do. I will recommend your firm to any family member or acquaintance when they need excellent legal representation.”

“The firm was a pleasure to work with. I appreciate her always getting back to me right away, and for her efforts in helping me in every way she could. Thank you so much!”

“The firm was the best, so amazing and caring!”

They were all friendly, very pleasant and well informed when I asked a question. I am very happy with the result of my case. More than I expected.

“Tara Devine was wonderful. She understood this was a painful and delicate situation and treated it as such. She never rushed me or made me feel my case was unimportant. Ms. Devine did everything in her power to get it done swiftly and justly.”

“Tara Devine was extremely organized, aggressive and was kind to me, her client. I could not have asked for a better attorney.”