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Motorists urged to drive safe this Memorial Day Weekend





CHICAGO (Salvi Law) – The Memorial Day weekend is upon us, which marks the official start of the summer travel season. Millions of Americans are expected to hit the road this weekend. In fact, AAA estimates more than 38 million Americans will travel this Memorial Day weekend, the second-highest Memorial Day travel volume on record.

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But more drivers on the road means an increased risk of car accidents.

Memorial Day weekend is one of the deadliest traveling holidays during the year. According to a report from the Chicago Tribune, the majority of traffic deaths in Illinois – and across the nation – occur during the summer months. The factors that make up what officials call the “fatal four” are speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, distracted driving and failing to wear a seat belt. Sadly, traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for people through age 34.

The National Safety Council reports last year, 383 traffic fatalities were reported over Memorial Day Weekend.  Total traffic fatalities for May 2015 were estimated to total 3,073.

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The lawyers at Salvi, Schostok, & Pritchard P.C. knows some wrecks are unavoidable, but most crashes could be prevented. To help avoid serious accidents this holiday weekend, Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard has put together a list of safety tips to use while traveling:

  • Buckle up!
  • Reduce your speed
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Don’t text and drive
  • Check your vehicle
  • Drive defensively
  • Avoid driving while fatigued
  • Keep children safe both in and around your vehicle (Children 12 years old and younger should ALWAYS be in the back seat.)

Experts warn drivers that the Friday before Memorial Day will be the busiest travel day, and the afternoon rush hour period will start as early as 1 p.m!  Traffic congestion will peak between one to two hours earlier than usual, so be sure to leave plenty of time to get to where you need to go.

Monday afternoon is expected to be the busiest return day, with the majority of drivers on the roads between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Remember, you can’t control what careless motorists do, but you can take control of your life after a crash. If you are involved in a traffic accident,  the road to recovery starts by contacting an attorney who will protect your rights, seek the compensation you deserve and ultimately help to lift your burdens. Our attorneys have decades of experience with helping crash victims and their families in Chicago and throughout Illinois.