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Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard receives heartfelt letter from client




CHICAGO (September 14, 2016) – Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard represented a local couple in a wrongful death suit for their 3-year-old son. Attorneys Aaron Boeder, Patrick Salvi II and David Pritchard helped the family obtain a settlement of $2,000,000, which helped the couple to adopt another baby. Below is an excerpt of a letter from the family thanking Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard for supporting them through a difficult time:


When (our son) died on August 1, 2012, we knew something had gone terribly wrong. (We were referred) to David Pritchard. David was very supportive. We found him to be very kind, intelligent, honest and direct. We have appreciated that about each of the attorneys and staff members we were in contact with at your firm through 2015 when our case was settled.

The attorney we probably worked most closely with was Aaron Boeder. He encouraged us to follow the right paths, gather proper information as needed and trust in the process. We also found him to be very honest, direct, intelligent and kind. He paid attention to all the details that would help support our case. We were grateful to see he had an excellent balance of knowledge and skill when working with the other side as well.

David, Patrick Salvi II, and Aaron were with us on the day we met regarding the settlement. We both sat amazed as we watched the settlement talks that day. We greatly appreciated the depth of knowledge, the wealth of experience, and the fact that this was the team fighting for our son. We were, and are, certain we chose the perfect firm to handle our case and are very grateful for all the assistance and support we received through a very difficult time. No amount of money could bring our son back to us…. The financial settlement has helped us to adopt another child, again, not that our son could ever be replaced.

For helping all of that happen, we thank each member of your legal firm. We know all the behind the scenes people worked hard, and are grateful to them.

– Pam and Karen

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