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Stryker Citation and Other Stryker Hip Replacement Side Effects

The Stryker Citation is a hip replacement component tipped with titanium. Used along with the Accolade and Meridian, the Citation constitutes parts of a hip implant. Approximately 20,000 people are using Stryker hip replacements in the United States alone. But the implants have been coming under fire for the same reasons many other metal-on-metal hip replacements are coming under fire: Premature failure and metallosis.

An example involves a woman from Chicago, as discussed in a CBS 2 Chicago story. Pieces of metal, including cobalt, which is part of the neck of the hip component, flaked off during use, causing the previously-mentioned metallosis, which is a build-up of metal pieces in soft tissue. This can cause “psuedotumors”, or abnormal tumor-like growths.

The company said that the hip replacement components would let surgeons customize the components to the age, weight and condition of the patient.

Stryker heavily marketed the device in 2010-2012, when much of the controversy about other metal-on-metal implants arose. However, things have come back to bite the company. In 2012, Stryker issued a voluntary recall of the implants.

The problem with many Stryker hip replacements is that they are more difficult and traumatic to remove. The entire femoral system has to be removed in the case of failure, because the component is designed to promote a bony ingrowth, using porous coating. The implants are meant to become a permanent part of the body. The models that use this are the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II.

But breakage can be a big problem with these implants, aside from the metallosis. Complications can arise from these side effects, even with the most experienced and skilled surgeons.

Patients should do their research on these before getting them. However, in the case that you already have these implants and you have these side effects, do not hesitate to seek compensation.

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