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Man: He was a passenger on the horrifying Blue Line derailment of 2006 and claimed the incident, and the fire in the Chicago subway tunnel left him with long-term psychological injuries. Today, a jury agreed, this was the scene as passengers got out of the smoke filled tunnels on the Blue Line. Eddy Martinez was among them. Now hes been awarded $135,000. Tonight, his attorney Jeffrey Kroll sat down with me to discuss the verdict.


Jeffrey: They understood and appreciated today not only what he’s gone through, but he’s going to go through for the next 46 years of his life.

Reporter: Which is?

Jeffrey: He has anxiety. He has relivingness.

Reporter: One hundred and fifty-two people were hurt. Most had smoke inhalation. Some lawsuit stemming from the derailment have been settled out of court. This is the first verdict. Several other cases are pending.