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Chicago Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck overturned on a Chicago road causes serious injuries to Driver and Passenger of Car involved.

Because of their size and weight, tractor-trailers (or semi trucks) cause serious damage when they are involved in accidents. In fact, recent Illinois Department of Transportation data shows that truck accidents account for nearly a tenth of all fatal traffic accidents within the state.

If you have been hurt or lost a loved one in a truck crash, the lawyers of Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C., are here to help you. You may able to recover compensation for all of your losses. We assist accident victims and their families in Chicago and across the state.

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What Causes Truck Accidents in Illinois?

An investigation into your truck accident case will be aimed at determining the cause of your crash. According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) study, the most common factors are:

  • Brake problems
  • Traffic flow interruption (or congestion)
  • Alcohol and drug use
  • Traveling too fast for conditions (snow, ice, rain or fog)
  • Unfamiliarity with the roadway
  • Roadway problems
  • Inadequate surveillance (failing to see traffic, another vehicle or obstacle)
  • Failure to yield the right of way
  • Fatigue

Distracted driving also continues to be a factor in many truck crashes despite FMCSA regulations and Illinois law that ban texting and using a hand-held mobile phone while driving.

Other common causes of tractor-trailer accidents include:

  • Overloaded trucks
  • Oversized trucks
  • Poorly maintained or uninspected trucks

What Can You Do If You Are Injured in a Trucking Accident?

Truck accidents can cause severe harm to those in passenger vehicles. Injuries can include:

If you or a loved one has suffered any of these injuries in a truck accident, you should get help right away from an attorney.

You may be able to recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other harm you have suffered.

This compensation can be sought from any party that caused your accident, including the:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company / carrier
  • Manufacturer of a defective truck or truck parts (tires, wheels, brakes, gears or safety equipment)
  • Local or state government agencies responsible for a road defect or maintenance lapse

The insurers for these parties realize the potential for major lawsuits when a tractor-trailer causes an accident. They quickly gather evidence and consult with experts. Immediately, they start preparing their defense. It helps to have aggressive and dedicated lawyers by your side to move quickly as well and stand up to these insurance companies on your behalf.

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Truck accident cases can be complex. Proving negligence in a crash that involves a tractor-trailer takes an investment of time, experience and resources.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, semi or another large commercial truck, the lawyers of Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C., can pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

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