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Highway Construction Accident Lawyer in Chicago

As the number of vehicles traveling across Illinois roads increases, so does the volume of highway construction projects drivers encounter along the way. While highway maintenance and construction is essential, these sites can often create road hazards that lead to dangerous accidents – injuring or even killing both drivers and construction workers.

At Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C., our attorneys have spent the past 25 years representing those injured in motor vehicle accidents – and we know that many accidents involving highway construction projects simply shouldn’t happen. If you’ve been involved in a highway construction site accident, call us today at 312-372-1227 for a free, no obligation consultation.

Causes of Highway Construction Accidents

What causes highway construction accidents? While any worksite can be dangerous, highway construction projects are particularly dangerous environments due to several different factors:

  • Highway construction projects may be contracted out to independent construction companies that fail to meet state safety regulations.
  • Construction sites share space with vehicles traveling at high speeds – which means that even the slightest misplacement of equipment or road markers can create a road hazard.
  • Weather conditions that make driving more difficult can turn a construction site into an accident site when construction companies fail to anticipate or understand the effect of weather on driving conditions.
  • Drivers who fail to observe traffic safety, such as those engaged in speeding, drunk driving or simply not paying attention, can quickly collide with construction site equipment and cause a serious accident.
  • Road hazards such as sharp curves or dips may not be marked, and drivers may not be able to slow down or stop suddenly when they come upon a construction site unexpectedly.
  • Lack of adequate signage may not provide drivers with enough time to adjust their speed as they approach a construction site.

Investigating Highway Construction Accidents

Construction companies, independent contractors and others involved in highway construction have a duty to the public to complete their construction projects in a timely manner without endangering drivers.

At Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C., our attorneys understand how to investigate a highway construction accident scene properly to determine what went wrong – and who should be held accountable. We know the relevant state safety laws and we’ll review the scene carefully to assess whether any regulatory violations occurred.

Our legal team will examine other factors involved in your accident, such as defective construction equipment or inadequate warning signs, to assign liability to the party responsible for your injuries.

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We know that if you have been injured in a highway construction accident, you may be facing serious medical challenges that you shouldn’t have to handle on your own.

Whether your accident was caused by the negligence of a construction worker, the manufacturer of faulty construction equipment or a contractor’s failure to maintain proper site safety standards, you deserve answers and compensation for your injuries. Contact our highway construction accident lawyers today.