Andrew Briner

My name is Andrew Briner. In 2012 in December, my son was killed by a drunk driver. And…I get very emotional still. Hardest thing was all of the things that my son was going to miss. He was only 21. Never had a chance to get married, never had a chance to know the joy of seeing his son or daughter born. All of those things to me were the hardest. And it was hard. It was…not that I…I was not bitter towards this gentleman. He made a terrible choice. To me, drunk driving is the one crime in America that is preventable, 100%.

My son works for a large law firm in Indiana. I went to him and said, you know, “Hey, who do you know that is a good…can they recommend anybody? Do they do this, number one, and if not, who would they recommend?” And it was funny because the lawyer said, “We…you know, we don’t do that law, that type of law, but I can recommend somebody. I’ve been on the other side of the table with this firm, and I would not…if you want somebody to represent you well, this is the firm you need to go to because let me tell you, they’re tough, and I don’t like being on the other side of the table from them.”

I was really nervous because we didn’t know what to expect. My first meeting was with Patrick Salvi Sr. He was so warm, and so friendly, and so helpful, and compassionate. I could see the compassion that he had. I knew he was a very busy man and I knew he had a lotta cases and I was a little concerned, was my case going to get the priority that it deserved because, you know, I mean, it…there wasn’t a whole lotta money there. I can’t even begin to explain how supportive, and how compassionate, and just helpful he was. I knew we would get the attention we needed and I knew that we would get the care. If he felt I was uneasy, he would bring me in and sit down with me and always, you know, that always made me feel a lot better at that point, knowing that it was gonna be okay and that we were gonna move forward, and eventually there was gonna be an end to this when it seemed like there was no end to begin with.

I appreciate so much, not just Patrick Sr., Patrick Jr., one of the attorney’s name was Andrew, and he went above and beyond. It was right around the holidays that all of this happened. And he worked hard to see that that was done before the holidays. I cannot explain how much it’s meant to my family and I to know that they not only…you know, they cared.

I would recommend this law firm because of the great job that they did for us. Trust them. Trust them…