Eirene N.


I’m Eirene N. Salvi, and I’m an associate at Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C. I work on medical malpractice cases, personal injury cases including automobile accidents and products liability. So, when I was in college I was a history major. and every class that I took I realized more and more how important it is to educate yourself and empower yourself and use that skill to help other people. and I realized that law is just the way to go. I went to Notre Dame Law School. I started my career here in Chicago at another plaintiffs firm, where I really enjoyed the work but I’m really happy to be here working with my husband and my family now.

The attorneys here at Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard P.C., are extraordinarily talented. So passionate about what they do and it really shines through in they…you know, at trial and the settlements and all the results that we get and how happy our clients are with our work. The support staff is really some of the best that I’ve ever encountered. They’re so sweet and nice and caring, and everyone here just really puts forward their best effort with each client.

There is a real collegial atmosphere here I think. It’s competitive obviously, you know, we’re one of the best firms but there’s nothing but support amongst the attorneys. You know, you go to school for so many years and you work really hard to kinda get this degree, and you’re so eager to jump into things. And when you, you know, go to meet a client for the first time and you’re able to kind of, you know, explain to them how the legal system works, and what the process is going to be like, and you get to reassure them that you’re going to be with them every single step of the way.

And then, finally, at the end of a case whether it’s a verdict or a settlement, it’s just so rewarding to work with people who feel like they really didn’t have anywhere else to turn. Throughout the entire process, you spend a lot of time together and you get to know each other and you have some laughs and, you know, you cry together sometimes. Getting to know people that, you know, I really otherwise wouldn’t have met or encountered in my life I think it’s really exciting and it’s a lot of fun. We really end up caring so much about our clients that I don’t think there’s any other work like it.