Mathew Williams


Leave no stone unturned in trying to do what’s best for your client. My name is Matt Williams, we’re in the business of helping people that have been tragedically injured, or people that have lost a loved one. And it’s our job to evaluate the circumstances of that injury or that death. And find out whether or not fair and reasonable compensation is available to the person, or their loved ones for their death. I have handled a variety of different kinds of cases. I’ve done personal injury cases arising out of automobile accidents, cases involving train accidents. I’ve handled product liability cases, probably 90% of the time I spend as an attorney is prosecuting, investigating, working on medical negligence cases. I think it’s important to act natural, to recognize the importance of what you’re doing. Be very thorough, organized, but be yourself, don’t try to be somebody that you’re not. And I think clients respond to that, I think defense attorneys respond to that.

I represented a boy, 18-month-year-old boy, whose very badly burned, as a result of scalding hot water in his bathtub. We did a thorough investigation of what happened, and we were able to identify a company, that we believe, was partially at fault for allowing the temperature to get that hot. We were able to make a significant recovery for that child, which is gonna make a difference in that child’s life. He’ll have medical expenses if he needs them paid for. He’ll have an opportunity to get a home, go to college, and just have some financial stability for the rest of his life. That’s the goal in every case is to try to help people and make a difference in their lives. And hopefully, take something that’s been very traumatic and tragic, and just try to help them as best as we can.