Zackary Huffman

My name is Zackary Huffman. I was 17 when I got hit by a distracted driver. I’m now 20, with a decent life ahead of me, thanks to Pat Salvi.

I couldn’t walk, I had tons of emotional problems, and I couldn’t remember yesterday from tomorrow.

I’ve never been presented with a situation to use an attorney.

I was a little afraid of how life would be for me afterwards. Heck, still a little afraid, but I have a house, I have a car. I’ve managed to mark some things off my bucket list, thanks to Pat Salvi, and some of those fears have gone away. I’m able to move forward and continue along with my life just because of that little push he was able to give.

Deep down, I knew he was gonna help me.

I was able to just move forward. That’s no longer an issue for me. I’m walking. He was able to help pay those bills. I can live freely.

He stayed in touch on my case. It was easy to trust him because he just led with trust.

He’s actually a really nice guy. He’s human, for one, so that’s always a good thing, but he’s willing to try and work for your benefit.

Without a doubt in my mind, I would definitely recommend him.

If you’re stuck with those problems by yourself, chances are you’re not going to get far, but with an attorney like Salvi, you can keep on going the way you need to, and maybe even get a little jump ahead.

I trust him. I would trust him with any case that I would have, and I feel like if I could trust him, others can as well.