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When Dentists Make Mistakes




Nobody likes going to the dentist, but it’s something we do for our health and well-being. On this blog we have often discussed mistakes made by doctors. But what happens when a dentist makes a mistake or doesn’t properly treat a problem?

At a family dinner last night, I learned that my father had cracked one of his molars in half and would have to have it pulled and replaced with an implant. I have had this procedure done in the past, so he was asking me about my experience and the possible risks involved. I explained to him that there are several things everyone should be aware of when going to the dentist – dental malpractice and negligence can occur. Knowing the potential problems is vital to safe and effective treatment.

Common dental treatment mistakes are:

  • Misdiagnosis: A dentist may misdiagnose the patient’s problem and then fail to provide the appropriate treatment, causing more pain for the patient.
  • Careless Work: A dentist may cause a personal injury by inappropriately administering treatment or not properly performing an operation.
  • Drug Usage Error: A dentist may give a patient the incorrect dose of a drug or fail to ask about a patient’s drug allergy.
  • Misuse of Dental Equipment: If equipment is not used properly, a patient’s soft tissue may be damaged; in extreme cases, equipment may be swallowed (yes, it happens!).

Keep all of these things in mind when you go in for your next filling, root canal or even routine cleaning. The aftermath of dental malpractice can be extremely costly, time-consuming and very painful. Being aware of these potential issues might help you to avoid them the next time you visit your dentist.

At Salvi, Schostok & Pritchard, we have handled hundreds of medical negligence cases involving hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and medical personnel.  Recently, we won a record-breaking $8.25 million wrongful death settlement in a case involving pharmacy error.  So, regardless of the medical mistake, we are here to help.

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